iTAGback Announces Bid for eSports Supremacy!


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     Sixth months ago, iTAGback picked up an individual, freshly retired from a competing organization. iTAGback asked him to form a competitive division within iTAGback. This became known as the Semi-Pro Division. The sole purpose of this division was to gather competitive players, form a team, and train to pro level. iTAGback’s affiliations allowed certain players and teams to move on to the professional level when their time came. Now, iTAGback’s competitive E-Sports scene is about to change forever.


     Announcing now, the first ever Professional E-Sports organization to bear the iTAGback logo. That’s right, iTAGback has opened the doors for professional teams. Operating mainly the same way as the Semi-Pro teams, our would-be Pro teams are undergoing a much more strenuous vetting process to ensure they are ready to turn Pro. With some iTAGback teams ranking in the top 10 in the world, it’s no surprise we have several that are anxious to make the big switch.


     iTAGback is becoming increasingly more known as the one and only pipeline to Professional E-Sports.  Now with a fully supportive media coverage team, hardware and software support team, and the ever sought after sponsorships, iTAGback has finally thrown its hat into the world of Professional Gaming. The Semi-Pro division is not being diminished in any way. We still believe in the philosophy of training to win, then winning enough to go pro. There will always be a place on our rosters for competitive gamers.


     If you think you have what it takes to be a Pro or Semi-Pro gamer, visit our competitive page and fill out the application to get started. Happy gaming!



iTAGback Competitive Manager