A Smashing Success!


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Recently; iTAGback hosted a small tournament, called Turn 20, with amazing results. The tournament took place on Sunday October 8th, 2017 at 6pm est. The results of the tournament are as followed; 1st place – KoyoteKamper, 2nd place – Navron, and 3rd place – Darkblades50.  Each of these players received loot codes for in game Loot Matrices. The first place winner, KoyoteKamper, is also receiving an original artwork drawn by GenGen. The artwork is an integration of the player in real life, combined with their favorite Atlas Reactor Lancer. The bracket was a single elimination until the semi-finals and finals, shown here:

The tournament was hosted by iTAGback’s own THEDOCTOR with GenGen and Cbellg both streaming, and casting the event. The entire event can be watched here, Turn 20 Gen Gen Casting. The interviews with first and second places have been highlighted and can be watched here, 1st and 2nd place interviews.

iTAGback, and the crew who hosted the first event expect for there to be many more events like this, with bigger and better prize pools, as more and more people find out and enter. The entire event was a smashing success, but there is always that one glitch or issue that happens, thankfully the only real issues can be attributed to lag, or slow connection between the computer and the internet. These bugs are easily fixable, yet THEDOCTOR is extremely thrilled that it was only something as small as this. iTAGback, will be hosting more tournaments like this, for not only Atlas Reactor, but also other games in their arsenal. So be prepared to TAG back.