Damage Incorporated Hosts: Atlas Reactor Invitational Tournament


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On July 29th and 30th Damage Incorporated will be hosting, and broadcasting live, their first Atlas Reactor Invitational tournament starting at 11 am cst. The tournament has a 1000$ prize pool to begin with, and will hopefully grow with crowdfunding and donations from the community. Atlas Reactor Developers are backing and supporting Damage Incorporated as much as possible, to ensure the event goes off with the utmost success. The success of this tournament will hopefully bring about more tournaments with higher cash pools in the future.


Atlas reactor is a turn based strategy game in which characters, called Freelancers, move about the board and attack the  enemy Freelancers. The new Community Manager over at Atlas Reactor has been joining forces with multiple sources in order to increase the games awareness and population, one of which being Damage Incorporated. Damage Incorporated is a 5 year old clan and gaming community born from the fires of Strong Hold Kingdoms, a medieval strategy based game, that is free to play so go check it out. They have 13 divisions each containing multitudes of games from Overwatch, to CS: GO, to Pokemon, to even World of Warcraft.





Their media director, Aaron “Tuesday” Kirk, is head of all their social media and publicity, for not only the entire corporation, but also streams and tournaments as well.  Talking about the tournament, Kirk hopes that this one will go off without a hitch and has plans already in motion to secure such a goal. He has production crew coming from all over the U.S. to help him set-up the streaming for the event, as well having real-time analytics on the screen for all to see. The tournament will be set up in two brackets of 8, each bracket with 3 rounds of single elimination.  The teams will compete until only two are left undefeated, and those two teams will compete for great prizes; from the 1000$ cash pool which may increase, to champion titles in game as well as skins.


Now don’t think Damage Incorporated has forgotten about the community. Kirk told us, “We have a special little gift for those who donate.” An in game skin! He also informed me that this skin will come from corwdfunding donations which may take a week or two to get going, but it will come. Teams are chosen based off the top 16 in the PPL, Prep Phase League, of Atlas reactor. The teams will be invited and will have to RSVP in order to compete. If some teams don’t choose to compete or cannot attend, a open qualifier will be held in order to fill the empty slots, but these qualifying matches will not be broadcast.

One team that has already been invited is ITBs own Ragnarok. Currently 3rd place in the PPL, they are excited and ready for the DI Invitational. Kirk had the opportunity to sit down and interview PhantomArchangel for the tournament and told me, “Their whole team are great players and show great sportsmanship, and he wishes them the best of luck in the tournament.” Currently Ragnarok is increasing their practice times, and working out new strategies in preparation for this tournament.

Another team to possibly receive an invite is ITBs own Love Bytes. KingPyroJack told me, “We are reworking thoughts on initial positioning when the match starts, as well as some new strategies we are testing out.” They are preparing for the tournament even if they don’t get invited. Their position is, “Invited or not they will be prepared for anything.”

Overall this tournament will lead the way for a higher-end competitive scene for Atlas Reactor. Kirk stated, “To everybody who plays and is involved in the competitive scene we appreciate all you do – from 1 dollar donations to watching the streams. We are hoping for as much support as possible for this tournament, whether it be a donation to the prize pool or just coming out and rooting on your favorite team.” This will hopefully allow for more tournaments and bigger prize pools in the future. From all of us here at iTAGback, we wish all the teams the best of luck in the DI Invitational and also to Damage Incorporated in their goal of a successful tournament.

Written by: Christopher Jackson

Senior Journalist