Lovebytes, The Underdog?

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In a surprising turn of events the underdog, LoveBytes, beat last season’s number two ranked Ragnarok, two to nothing in the Atlas Reactor Prep Phase League on Sunday, June 11th. The wins were a surprise to all especially the mid tier team Lovebytes who finished at the bottom last season, only accumulating eight points.


 Lovebytes team is crafted of six highly skilled players: KingPyroJack who is the captain of the team and acts as the father of the group both inside and outside of the game, Talonite the co-captain and KingPyroJack’s right hand man who mostly plays support and enjoys being a sneaky little bastard, Pinta the Jack of all trades and a great support player but can also pick up a gun and become a firepower powerhouse, Zurg the unpredictable, able to pick up and learn any freelancer they need him to, Dojel, or the Leeroy Jenkins of the group charging in guns blazing, but also able to combo with his team when needed, and finally Solarion, the consistent and dependable, the man who you can always count on to do his job even when no one tells him what that is.

In one of the games between these two highly skilled teams Ragnarok made the mistake of choosing PuP, and since team LoveBytes has members who play PuP as a main Freelancer. This gave them an edge over Ragnarok since they can counter PuP. According to Talonite, “Since most of the team plays PuP they have a PuP sensor so to speak.” While they normally do not ban good Lancers, this time LoveBytes banned Helio. This decision was based off of the fact that one of the enemy players, PhantomArchangel, is a Helio main. KingPyroJack told us that, ‘’We wanted to get him out off auto pilot and to throw him off a bit.’’

There was a point in the match where PuP used his ultimate, which is a giant area based attack that not only silences you but also does a huge amount of damage. Both Talonite and Dojel were near him before PuP was able to use his Ultimate. Both players were able to dash away perfectly and completely dodge PuPs Ultimate, even though PuP was invisible to both players. The moment they saw pup disappear in an invisible cloud, they “sensed” that he would be close to them and would possibly be going for a big attack. Both players knew they had to get away and away they got, creating an awesome play in a turn filled with lots of energy and suspense.

Sadly, LoveBytes didn’t have their full group in the last season and had to substitute in a different player. This may have caused them to not perform as good as they normally would have, and possibly cost them points denying them entrance into the tournament. Although they got the maximum points their first game and did well the next few games they played last season, they still placed around 8th. The team believes that the substitute did not hinder the team in any way, and it is evident now that he has found his place in his new family.

In a quick interview KingPyroJack said, “Ragnarok is a good team, a good community, very friendly, and we always enjoy playing with them” as well as, they are looking forward to playing them more in the coming events. Talonite also had this to say, “LoveBytes is looking forward to facing off against Ragnarok again because they are great players and a good team.”

Currently LoveBytes has three mandatory practice times on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but they are usually playing every day with each other improving and honing their skills. Talonite believes, “That we will do better next season and the season after that because we are constantly improving and practicing with each other every chance we get.” LoveBytes is currently in this season’s tournament at 4th rank and are revved up to play, but don’t believe for one second that they aren’t looking toward next season as well.

If you want to check out the action the current schedule is posted below:

Click the image below to visit the iTAGback eSports page!

Click the image above to visit the iTAGback eSports page!

Written BY:     Christopher Jackson