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New home new adventures!!!!

Well the original Rustyshire came to an end but Huzzah ,
i’ve teamed up with iTAGback (iTB) to host a larger and stronger Rustyshire and to secure it’s future.

What does this mean?
New 100 man OXIDE server , always up (except updates).

No more changing rules and play styles?
Nope , albeit the odd event or quality of life plug in , the look and feel will be that of only a slightly enhanced Vanilla experience.

So about these mods?

Currently the server is x 2 gathering by day and x3 by night. This can make it slightly more accessible to players short on time and availability.

Night times have been shortened to 10 minutes on our server.

Deadly Treasures event.  This runs every one to two hours and is simply a snatch the crate style event . It is aimed to cater to those without the ability to challenge the attack chopper or Bradley Tank.

Rust:IO . This is a live map which when you log in via steam , can record your position on the map in real time.

Several other plugs-in to manage things like rule sets and server info.

No kits , no teleport , no instant crafting here.

Are iTB members going to get special treatment?
Nope, this is a server for everyone on equal footing.

How often will the server wipe?
We are currently wiping on a fortnightly basis , 3 weeks when the months are longer.

Any specific PVP rules?
These have yet to be finalized but If you remember Rusty last year I’d expect more of the same. Everyone deserves a chance. But the hardworking shall also be rewarded. We will look for balance and this can be fine tuned as things roll on. Rule changes will be heavily discussed before anything is changed.

Any other rules I can expect?
As before, Derogatory remarks kept to a minimum. We all understand things can and will likely get heated time to time but toxic and abusive behavior will not be accepted. Not every slip of the tongue so to speak will be punished but those consistently offending will be kicked and then removed depending on severity.

VAC and Game Bans. Another sensitive subject . I managed most VAC bans automatically in the past and this will continue . An appeal is on offer should you feel you still deserve to play with us. Just drop me a PM.

However if you’re a new account and received a Vac ban after a few hours play , please save yours and my time and move somewhere else.

So who are the admin team now?
Me , Rickne. Should this change in future it will be announced here.

So how do we find you now?
Easy , go to the Community tab and search Rustyshire or iTAGback or by connecting via

Is this group remaining ?
We will be in future be using iTAGback’s group to post any snap announcements , or change-logs in future. This is a fresh start for us and we want to reflect that in a new home. However the best news is coming soon we will have our very own web-space hosted by iTAGback to connect directly to our server , join communications channels , view news , alerts and dev blogs all in one place. So exciting times ahead. Stay tuned for more info on that as soon as it becomes available.

Guys and gals I value each and every one of you. And to see a few of your faces again back on classic Rustyshire would be something special. I know we can make that happen.

Thank you for reading .