Dread Templar’s

Dread Templars was created in 2015 for a group of gamers that felt like a family, so that they would have a place to call home and work towards mutual goals. This community is built on the desire to have other people to team up with and game with.

At the current time, we cover all of Blizzard’s games. As the community grows we hope to grow into other games as well if there is interest from our members. We have built this community from the ground up, and partnered with iTAGback for mutual growth.

Our Teams

World of Warcraft ARENA Team

Dread But Deadly

World of Warcraft MYTHIC Team


World of Warcraft RBG Team

Dread Gaming

World of Warcraft RAID Team


Guild Members



Raiding for bfa is here as we have all been watching who is going to achieve world first this tier of content. Team Dreadfall went 2/8 heroic and Team Guardians finished 8/8 normal this week.

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