Raid – Raiding is the main focus of Dread Templar’s, same as it is for end game World of Warcraft content.

We take at least 20 members every Tuesday and Thursday, and go smack a boss until either it dies or we do.
Regardless of how it turns out, we do it with a smile on our face and laughter in the chat.
We don’t know when to give up sometimes, but we know that its all worth it when a boss dies and drops that shiny loot – OOOOO SHINY.
Its especially satisfying when you get a drop that someone else needs, and then you get to tease them for a bit and try to barter.
In the end, at Dread Templar’s we share loot as needed because we want everyone to do their best, and we also like the satisfaction of conquering bosses as a team.

If you’re interested in Shiny Loot, Witty Banter, and Cookies then join the UNiTY today and get involved.

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