Rated Battlegrounds – Everyone likes to go around smacking people in the face, like running up to a healer, blowing your load, and watching as they die. Well, why not get rating for it? Dread Templar’s Rated Battleground team is always welcoming of new suckers, er…. fellow players to come help us kill other players and take their rating.

We are guild based RBG team on Sargeras, in Dread Templars.
We are currently recuiting for our final spots but when we have a core team we plan to push as high as we can.
Our leader is Hinata, who is experienced in leading in PvP, and has multiple high rated characters in each expansion.

If you’re interested in Shiny Loot, Witty Banter, and Cookies then join the UNiTY today and get involved.

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