This is CCG or Chaos Controlled Gaming, one of the premier Atlas Reactor teams playing under iTB. Originally under the name of COTP or Covenant of the Phoenix, THEDOCTOR decided to gather up a few friends that he played with and start a team. It was the summer of 2016 and the start of Season 2 of the Prep Phase League. Out of the gate COTP was off to a very rough start, and as the season progressed it just got worse. Winning only two matches (PPL is played in 2 rounds of 2 matches each round every week), they finished at the very bottom of the league. They didn’t let that stop them, with the determination and drive to push forward and turn things around, they went into Season 3 under the Identity Crisis banner with a fresh team and something to prove. By the end of the season they finished one spot out of the final 8 teams to advance to the tournament. Their chance at winning a championship once again was gone. After Season 3 the PPL went on hiatus, thus giving them a huge amount of time to prepare for Season 4. Even though Identity Crisis had to close their doors halfway through the season, they put forth the best performance yet during Season 4, qualifying for the second split tournament and the PPL Worlds. In the end they would take home fourth in both tournaments but not before defeating the number one ranked EU team in the first round of Worlds. Now with the off-season wrapping up and Season 5 right around the corner, CCG has found their home with iTB and plan on bringing home the title of PPL Season 5 Champions. Stay tuned!
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2016 – PPL 4th place
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Weekly RL 2v2 time for ITB with @NexusGamingRL Good luck team. #itagback #theunity #rocketleague

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