This week in iTAGback

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This week in iTAGback, there are a few things happening and some that have already happened. Whiffle_bat_whacker is still looking for people to fill vital positions within the E-Sports division, the Prep-phase League is still in full swing, One of our streamers, Ozveta, is giving away a pre-order key for Destiny 2, and the Dread Templar’s division is soaring to new heights.

In the E-Sports division, Whiffle is still in need of many positions such as; Team Managers, Sponsors, Teams, and Players. So if you’re interested in E-Sports then you should head over and check them out. E-Sports Application



The Prep-Phase league is still in full swing. iTAGback’s two teams, Love Bytes and Controlled Chaos Gaming, are both competing and doing well. Love Bytes is currently 9:3 with a 3 to 1 win ratio, and Controlled Chaos Gaming is 5:7. Controlled Chaos Gaming was 5:5 until facing off against Love Bytes in Round 1 losing 0 to 2 to them , and coming out 1:1 against Fox Reactor in Round 2. Love Bytes beat both Controlled Chaos Gaming in round 1 and SEES in round 2, both 2:0. Both teams are looking powerful and I doubt either team will go down without a fight.



On a different note, Ozveta is still counting down to his giveaway, he is offering up one Pre-Order Key for Destiny 2 on PC. There is still about a day left to enter, so if you haven’t then I suggest you go enter, QUICKLY. He will announce the winner on his upcoming stream, Saturday October 21st, 2017.




As for Dread Templars, there is a lot going on. Firstly their Mythic Raid Team finally downed Mythic Goroth, after only a few hours. They moved on to Mythic Demonic Inquisition, but met some trouble with add control. Their leader, Zaruk, has a new strategy to control the adds, so they should be able to push on tonight. Secondly, on the PVP side, things are looking awesome.  Grym’s Rated Battleground Team is already 15 and 2, being lead by the pvp officer Grym. While Hinata’s RBG team is around 30 and 11. Also, from talk going on in their discord, an emerging 3’s team could be on the horizon.