iTAGback’s presents: TURN 20 – 4 Lancer Tournament!

We would like to congratulate KyoteKamper with the win!
Below you can view the results, interact with the ladder and watch the full streams.
Keep you eyes out for the next TURN 20 – 4 Lancer Tournament! 

The 1st place of the Turn 20 tournament will win a “Lancer Core” Artwork drawn by GenGen in which the Tournament winner will be showcased as a Freelancer of their choice.
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Further prizes will be provided by Trion Worlds.

Discord Server:

1. The player in the top half of each bracket match will be Team A and create the Custom game.

2. Each Custom game that is made will need the following: -Two spectator slots -60s turn timer -Pause checked(Each player may pause/ask for a pause if there are any technical difficulties. Pauses must not last longer than 10 minutes.)

3. No Lancer Draft

4. Each player that signs up will send @CCG | THEDOCTOR their desired team comp by no later than 24 hours before the Tournament starts

5. There will be Map Bans and the order is as follows: Team A: Ban Team B: Ban Team B: Ban Team A: Ban The remaining map will be selected and played

6. Any questions that players may have shall be directed at @KingPyroJack first and if further clarification is needed then contact @GenGen, @Cbellg, and then @CCG | THEDOCTOR
Players can report their own score.