The UNiTY discord, or as we like to call it, theWal-Mart discord, is the one-stop-shop for any gamer worth their grit:

1) We have an entertainment division who can either help you get your stream off the ground, or just entertain you.

If you are a streamer yourself and are looking for a home for your community, then look no further. We have the tools you need to make your stream bigger and better, including a better platform for streaming that is in development, known as Controller Network. We also have a bot that will let your fans know you’re live, as well as moderate chat for you while your gaming.

2) We have gamers from every corner of the internet.
Playing Atlas Reactor, to CS:GO, Hearthstone, Rocket League, World of Warcraft and so many other games it
would take too long to list them all.

3) We have rooms to just hang out in and blow off steam after work, or to use as an escape if you’re hiding from your significant other.

There is also MARViN, who will chat with you, insult you, and play with you.

4) If you’re looking to talk with or shout out your favorite iTB pro player, they’re all in here as well.

Need we say more? We’re pretty sure that if you haven’t joined already, then you’re missing out on a lot!

Join the UNiTY today!

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From the members of UNiTY we wish the smite team good luck tomorrow in the NA minor leagues. Keep up the hard work and good job everyone!

discordinterfaceWhat is Discord?

Discord is a voice and text chat system that lets you communicate with other people who might be playing the same game as you. Anyone can create a server to host whatever discussion they want. There is a server set up for -=iTAGback=-, and quite a community has formed there. You can find people to talk about -=iTAGback=- and to form squads with most times of day.


discordothersWhy use Discord?

Sure there are in-game voice comms and others, but at this point, they have a number of shortcomings that Discord addresses beautifully. For one thing, voice comms in Discord are always on; in-game voice comms are only active while you are in a match. Using only in-game comms, you lose touch with your teammates as soon as the match is over. Using other voice chats are bloated or to complex! This seriously cuts into your ability to gloat over your victories or commiserate over the beatings you just took. By contrast, in Discord, you can talk to anyone at any time as long as they are in the same voice channel as you. They don’t even have to be in a squad with you. This helps when you want to ask for a squad invite or organize a larger group into squads who can battle each other. Finally, voice quality in Discord is superior than in-game comms. You’ll have fewer voice drop-outs and be able to communicate more clearly. Discord also has private group/voice/chat messaging between users. This is great for when you don’t want to have public conversations to communicate.

discordvcHow do I use Discord for voice comms?

Great. Discord is installed. Server Connected! Now what?
When you install Discord, it’ll automatically be configured to use your default audio input/output devices. But just incase here are some basic instructions:

  1. Click on the little gear icon near your username in the bottom left area of the Discord window. (it’s a good idea to upload an image at this point if you haven’t done so already)
  2. Click on “Voice” under “User Settings.”
  3. Select “Default” as your input and output devices.
  4. Make you select use Push to Talk, select it under “Input Mode” and then select a key binding for PTT. Otherwise keep it set to “Voice Activity” if you are -=RUTHLESSCREW=- and it’ll just broadcast your voice whenever you’re talking.
  5. Hit “Done” when you’re done.

Now when you’re ready to talk to someone, you can join a voice channel.
Click on the -=iTAGback=- logo on the left side of the Discord window to bring up the list of text and voice channels. This will bring up a list of voice channels under the heading (duh) “Voice Channels.” There’s “GENERAL CHATTER” and a whole bunch of other channels for different uses. The “LIVE ROOMS” are for “SWARM/STREAMERS ONLY” entry is restricted, someone will pull you into the room if your supposed to be in there!

There are also voice channels called “PUB ROOM – VA” and “PUB ROOM – PPT” the purpose of which should be self-evident. If not then, VA = Voice Activation and PPT = Push To Talk! Nuff Said!
You’ll be able to see if anyone is in those voice channels already because their names will be listed underneath the name of the channel. Don’t feel shy to join voice channels that have people in them. People are in Discord to meet new players, so you are perfectly welcome in any of these channels. Just click on the name of the channel to join it. Introduce yourself and ask for a squad invite if you want.

If you don’t see anyone in a voice channel, you can jump in by yourself. Chances are, someone will come along soon enough and join your channel, introduce themselves and ask you for a squad invite.

Important note:
While you’re playing a game that uses in-game voice comms and your connected to Discord, it’s a good idea to ensure that your in-game voice comms are muted; having them on at the same time as Discord can cause echoes, feedback and other annoying voice artifacts. Un-mute in-game comms if you want to tell an unenlightened squadmate how awesome -=iTAGback=- Discord is and how to install it.

You can mute or deafen your voice channel connection by clicking the corresponding button beside your username in the bottom-left area of the Discord window. This is useful if you need some privacy or quiet, but be aware that even if you’ve muted in-game comms, your in-game mic will always be active. So game mates who are using in-game comms instead of Discord will be able to hear whatever is coming through your mic when you’re in a game using in-game voice comms.

When you’re done with the voice chat, make sure you enter the “PLANNING REVENGE” room or disconnect by clicking the disconnect button at the bottom of the list of channels (looks like a telephone with an x just above the gear). Otherwise you might be inadvertently broadcasting any sounds your mic is picking up to the channel. Failure to exit from a voice channel may or may not result in humiliation.

discordchatHow do I use Discord for text chat?

There are a several text channels set up on the -=iTAGback=- Discord server. They are listed on the left side under the heading (you guessed it) “Text Channels.” Upon launching Discord, you’ll be shown the #welcome channel, which has some basic rules about -=iTAGback=- Discord, etc. There is usually a lively and frequently off-topic discussion happening in the #general-chatter room. You can also use the #multimedia channel if you got some cool videos or memes to share!

That just about sums it up! If you have any questions or need help ask away in #general-chatter or visit our Knowlegebase and if your a -=RUTHLESSCREW=- member feel free to open a support ticket!
Talk to you on the battlefield!