The UNiTY discord is the one-stop-shop for any gamer worth their grit:

1) We have an entertainment section that can assist getting your stream off the ground, or just entertain you.

If you are a streamer yourself and are looking for a home for your community, then look no further. We are willing to help whenever we can. With streamers that have been in the entertainment business for sometime. With some help from our friendly bot, we can let your fans know you’re live, as well as help moderate chat for you while your gaming.

2) We have gamers from every corner of the internet.
Playing Apex Legends, to CS:GO, Hearthstone, Rocket League, World of Warcraft and so many other games it
would take too long to list them all.

3) We have rooms to just hang out in and blow off steam after work, or to use as an escape if you’re hiding from your significant other.

There is also MARViN, who will chat with you, insult you, or out right mess with your head!

4) If you’re looking to talk with or shout out your favorite iTAGback Pro player, they’re all in here as well.

Need we say more?
We’re pretty sure that if you haven’t joined already,
then you’re missing out on a lot!
Join the UNiTY today!


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From the members of UNiTY we wish the smite team good luck tomorrow in the NA minor leagues. Keep up the hard work and good job everyone!

discordinterfaceWhat is Discord?

Discord is a voice and text chat system that lets you communicate with other people who might be playing the same game as you. Anyone can create a server to host whatever discussion they want. There is a server set up for the -=iTAGback=- community it’s called UNiTY, and quite a community has formed there. You can find people to talk about -=iTAGback=- and pretty much anything else. Join today!