Welcome to the all new iTAGback Rustyshire! We are ready and open for business!
iTAGback has teamed up with Rustyshire to bring you a PURE RUST experience with some welcome additions.

What does this mean? New 100 man Oxide supported server, always up (except updates)! We love Rust in it’s vanilla state but we also understand the benefit of having a little something extra for new players, players with limited play time, and for players who enjoy a more involved experience.

Therefore, we have some minor plug-ins to enhance you game. These include x2 resource gathering, and extra PVE events to work alongside events such as the Helicopter and Bradley Tank ones.

We wipe progress every 2 weeks, but in the event of a 5 week turnover, we wipe after 2 and then 3 weeks.

So how do we connect and keep up to date with iTAGback Rustyshire? Easy, you can find us on the Community tab in Steam via Rustyshire or iTAGback. We will post updates and news here at first and then send out reposts to social media outlets.


See you all in game!

Plug-in list:

  • Gather Control – x2 gather by day and x3 by night.
  • Death Notes – Keep track of whose , dying.
  • Dangerous Treasures – PVP event.
  • Info Panel – on screen information.
  • Remover Tool – Remove entities you placed previously at a cost.
  • Stack Size Controller – Many resources now stack to 2000
  • Sign Artist – Paste jpgs to signs/picture frames
  • Server Info – Type /info in chat for a run down of commands.
  • Skinbox – Apply a varied selection of skins to your items.
  • Clans – Create an in game clan with prefix (Rust:IO enabled).
  • Rust:IO – Live map (see link on this very page).
  • Timber – Trees ..they fall (“It’s going down, I’m yelling timber”).
  • Discord Messages – Send reports or messages direct to Discord.

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