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We’re LIVE in 3…2…1…
Recently iTAGbacks website went live. A major up and coming Gaming and E-Sports community who already have their foot in the door, in fact they are inside the building and already headed up the stairs. Their CEO and founder Christopher Tallent has been working hard and diligently with other website developers to get their site up, and the way they want it. Their site includes everything you would need in the world of top teir gaming; Such as a platform for streaming which is still in development, yet they are on track to release it with no problems, as well as a section for each of the major areas in gaming: Entertainment, Community, and E-Sports.
The entertainment section, which includes their new platform for streaming, already has high foot traffic since their streamer list is already developed, and still growing. They have players streaming major games, with already high publicity, such as; Atlas Reactor, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. They have already established streamers who gather a high amount of viewers everytime they stream. These viewers inevitably become part of the Community.
The Community at iTAGback is a major part of their overall design. They have a discord that you can join, where you are able to interact with other community members, and even possibly one of you favorite iTAGback streamers. They have Marvin, a bot who has a mind of his own. Marvin is able to help you find and play good music, he will chat with you throwing back and forth witty comments, and is even used by the iTAGback streamers to help them moderate their chat.
Shifting from Community, we find outsleves at the end of the spectrum with E-Sports. iTAGback has multiple E-Sports teams who are constantly training, practicing, and competing to become better than they are, and better than the rest. Their major teams are Controlled Chaos Gaming (Atlas Reactor), Lovebytes (Atlas Reactor), Devise (CS:GO), and Dread Templars (World of Warcraft) which encompasses their raid, rated battleground, mythic plus, and arena teams.
Since their website going live, iTAGback already had established Streamers, an established and highl;y used Community, and a slew of teams in E-Sports already mastering their craft and making a name for themselves. I myself already am a member of the iTAGback Community, and I don;t regret it one bit. Its a great place for gamers, or practicly anyone intersted in video games, streaming, or business.

Written By:
Christopher Jackson