Whiffle and E-Sports


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     Miner, also known as Whiffle_bat_whacker , is the Director of the E-Sports Division for iTAGback. He was born on May 31, 1988, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He grew up across a total of seven states, before graduating high school . He was apart of a troubled home with multiple siblings, as well as  moving around without any real notice. He returned to gaming as a way to relieve stress from school and home life, but started his gaming career when he was just three years old, on the NES. He moved up through multiple games and consoles, until finally landing on computer games around the age of twenty. He was intrigued by computer games for their networking capabilities and their sophisticated graphics.
     Currently He lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he moved to from Fairbanks, Alaska. He was introduced to iTAGback while being the assistant director from a competing E-Sports company. His job was to interact with the high-ups of iTAGback and make sure everything was all good. His company and iTAGback had short business, but sadly it fell through from his companies end due to unforeseen reasons. When he resigned from this post, he was approached and offered a job from nfxus, The CEO of iTAGback, to direct and operate the E-Sports division within iTAGback.
     He was already very qualified with his background in the field of gaming, management, and E-Sports. His other qualifications also helped him, to not only get the job, but also to be able to perform the daily tasks he does: Gaming from the age of three, competing in tournaments for years, His familiarity in the management field from both civilian and military aspects, and being an MMA athlete and competitor making him no stranger to hard work.
     One other major aspect is his degree in business administration. He owned and operated two corporations with successful sales of both. One a consulting corporation for electronic hardware, and the other a electronics repair corporation. To Miner, E-Sports is another way for people to compete. For those who have a passion for gaming to flourish and show their skill, “The great thing about E-Sports is that it allows those who are physically unable to play sports, another way to break into the sporting industry, even if its from the gaming side”.
     To him E-Sports also means that those who compete have a love for the game they play and compete in. He knows that there are casual gamer’s out there, and then those who wish to plow through the tough and rigorous path that makes a E-Sports player. He stated. “There is no easy path to become an E-Sports player. Its a nightmare, but its one hell of a ride”
     Miner has big plans for iTAGback E-Sports such as; starting a boot camp to find and nurture professional players, some administrative positions coming to light in the E-Sports division, recruiting the top teams in the world, as well as sponsorship’s for the teams, and hosting competitive tournaments with prize pools.
     Besides the internal working of E-Sports. there are others who help to make the iTAGback E-Sports division bigger and better than other E-Sports organizations. One such support comes from the Controller Network people. They help the E-Sports players in regards to software, hardware, moderators for streams, bot commands, or even something as simple as a table of minds to brainstorm ideas with, “We are a driven by results and have already achieved so much, but that isn’t the end. Its just the beginning”. There are plans to recruit players, full teams in need of a manager, team managers to help those teams, and other staff members.
     The E-Sports division has a large family feeling with their team captains,. team managers, and all their other staff who go above and beyond their roles to make sure the E-Sports community runs smoothly, for not only themselves, but for everyone else in the community.